Sunday, July 5, 2009

CQ stash from Crazy Judyth

I am totally a beginner at Cq quilting and really needed help on fabrics. I had no idea on what fabrics to get, although I was told that you can use absolutely anything, I still didn't have the guts to go out and purchase any.
I am in a group called CQForNewbies and gosh, what a group. I've got more help from this group than I would from books.
Anyhow, when I joined, a member of the group, Crazy Judyth, sent all newbies a baggie full of fabrics. WOW, you should have seen them!
I'm glad cos it gave me an idea on what kind of fabrics to get.
Well, just recently, I purchased a few baggies from Crazy Judyth and I just wanted to show you what I received back. Now I'm too scared to cut into them, they are too gorgeous.
I'm going to make a CQ quilt for myself. I have made quilts for everybody else, and I thought I haven't made myself one. I will be using it on my bed, so I won't be using beads or buttons, but will use lace, ribbons and motifs.
I guess it will take a while to make as I have a king size bed but will enjoy every minute of it.
I will be purchasing more fabrics from Crazy Judyth, the more I have the better.

White/Off White







  1. Great stash! Isn't Judyth the greatest! :)

  2. You did a great job. I wish I knew how to fix my blog. I just had to use what they gave me. The stash that CJ sent is great. I think I'll try the white/off white one next. Til I saw yours I wasn't so sure. Good luck for 2009 and so sorry for the loss of your mother. Eileene

  3. Looks like you bought CJ out. Great blog. Look forward to more.

  4. Your blog is great, Violet! I've signed up to follow it!
    Janet in Colorado

  5. Nice blog, Violet. The fabrics are lovely!

  6. Ah, Violet. What can I say? Your photos are so much better than mine. I thank you for taking them. And for the encouragment to continue on with my little business venture. This was a wonderful boost.
    Thank you so very much!
    Love and hugs from me to you!
    Crazy Judyth