Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Attempt

This is my first attempt at embroidery.
I brought a book called "Long and Short Stitch Embroidery" A collection of flowers, by Trish Burr.
I love this book as the instructions are really clear and easy to read, (which is something that I need, something easy to understand).
This flower is one of many starter projects and I can't wait to do the others.
I couldn't believe how quick it took to do. I had fun and enjoyed doing it.
By looking at the photo, I know what I can improve on.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Project update (cont'd)

This is my next block that I am going to work on. I'm going to do some stitches that I have never tried before.
Awwww, I am also going to do this block in memory of my Dad who passed away 3 years ago today, 7th Sept.

New Project update (cont'd) Block 2 completed

This is my 2nd block completed. There are some stitches on this block that I have never tried before, and it was fun.

Here in the gold is chain stitch and the swirls in between are back stitched.
The top orange seam embellishment is called the Knotted Cable Stitch, which is the Coral stitch, lacing and chain stitches combined.
The pink swirl is done with the Coral stitch, and on the right seam embellishment is the fern stitch with french knots.
Just on the left I tried out some silk ribbon embroidery, the orange flower is the lazy daisy stitch, the yellow and the mauve roses are the Sweetheart Roses and the red roses is the twisted twirled rose. The leaves are the Japanese Ribbon stitch and I did the outline stitch for the stalks of the leaves.

The yellow seam embellishment is called the Petal Stitch which is the stem stitch and the lazy daisey stitch combined.
The heart is back-stitched, not too sure what the name of thread is. Then on the outside of the heart I did some straight stitches and the same for the centre of the heart with a french knot right in the centre.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Season to Season Summer/Cathy's block

This is Cathy's block. This is what she had done on her block before I received it.
Isn't it gorgeous?

This is Cathy's block after I finished with it. I do hope she likes it.
I did a green spider web, with a black spider, then I did a vine and I added the satin stitched leaves. I did the pink flowers by doing the lazy daisy stitch and added the beads.
I put some vintage buttons on, which is my first time at doing this.
Where the spider is I did some running stitches from one bee to the other bee, and the last seam embellishment I added straight stitches with beads, and in then added the seqins and a bead in the centre.

Season to Season Fall Block

This is my Fall block.
This is a swap that I am participating in the CQ4Newbies group.

On the left I did the vine with an outline stitch then added some silk ribbon roses which is called the Sweetheart rose.
I then added three different leaves that I played around with and they are the Bullion Tipped Lazy Daisy detached chain, Lazy Daisey chained leaf and the Ribbon stitch leaf.

On the brown patch I did a stem stitch and added some lazy daisy leaves and also added the leaf embellishments. I also added the motif, which I wasn't quite sure what it was, I thought it was a sun, but it looks good as a sunflower.

The tree I did chain stitches and the leaves are lazy daisy stitch, and I added the coloured beads, beneath the tree I did the flowers with straight stitches and lazy daisy stitch.

Lastly I did some straight stitches with French knots on the seam then embroidered the word Fall 2009 and added the larger leaf embellishments.

Season to Season Summer block completed

This is the before photo of my Summer block before I sent it off.


This is my Summer block completed.

I really like what Cathy has done, thankyou soooo much Cathy, love everything.

New Project update (cont'd)

This is what the whole block looks like at the moment. I haven't been able to do any stitching as I have been working on my fall block.
Here I added the half circles - the green ones are half cirlces with straight stitches in the centre then in between I added straight stitching with French Knots.
The yellow half circles, I placed on top of each other and then I added on top centre half circle - lazy daisy flowers, centre half circle - straight stitch with French Knots, bottom half cirlce - straight stitches.

Here I did the Herringbone cross and couched it down with white floss, and above it I added straight stitching to form a flower, and on the right, feather stitch, I did in varigated red, then went over the top of it with black and gold.