Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colour Theory Class Lesson 2

Lesson 2 was for the class to create their own colour wheel. I had fun doing this and slowly starting to understand the different groups.
I made mine with coloured paper and floss.
Primary Colours - 3 Basic Colours - Red, Yellow and Blue
Secondary Colours - Colours formed when mixing 2 primary colours together: Orange, Green and Violet.
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + Red = Violet
Tertiary Colors - These are the 6 colours by mixing Primary & Secondary together. Primary colour is always name first.
Yellow - Green
Yellow - Orange
Red - Orange
Red - Violet
Blue - Green
Blue - Violet
This is what forms the colour wheel.

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  1. I love your color wheel. It is truly awesome the way you matched the paper colors with floss and are beginning to understand how the colors are mixed to obtain the changes that we see and use in our stitchery. Great job, keep up the good work!