Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colour Theory Class Lesson 1

I have taken a Colour Theory Class in a group called stitchMap.

I needed to take this class as I get a bit confused on colours. Its a class on how to use the colours that are available in thread and fabric. I had to list my favourite colour and the colours I would use the most.
The exercise was to collect colours, may that be fabric, floss, beads, buttons, clip colours from magazines, paint samples, etc, a full colour of the rainbow.

Here's my colour choices.

Isn't it weird when putting the blue fabrics altogether, how the dark blue almost looks black.


Look at the 3rd Green Floss (at the top), that one looks kind of blue.

The light yellow when put together with the darker one, has changed to a creamy looking colour.



This is my favourite colours of all, Orange. To me they look so soft, more of a pastel colouring

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  1. Awesome collection of colors and good interpretations of how they are affected by being next to each other and in different light, textures, etc. On that green I am amazed at how they range from almost black to almost yellow, actually. The blues are cool too. You have the largest selection of oranges that I have seen yet. You are doing great and I hope this class ends up helping you a lot.