Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Colour RR, Apple Red

Here is my block before I sent it off to Rebecca.

CQ4Newbies has started another RR, this time it is Red Colour.
The group that I am in is Apple Red.
This is my second time in a RR, and I am feeling somewhat confident.
I added a paisley with chain stitches and then filled it with beads, the swirls are coral stitches and the feather stitches is done with beads.
I am excited in receiving my first block to work on ... can't wait!!!!


  1. Love your swirls and there are many who will be so jealous that that paisley. Good looking block!

  2. Nice block, love those reds. I am a member of StitchMap and CQ for Newbies also. I have not been active in CQ for Newbies, but I am in the Color Theory class in StitchMap. I hope to get back to CQN soon. Life is beginning to slow down for me and I have more time to stitch! Can't wait to see what you get back.