Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Colour Study/My Naked Blocks

These 2 blocks is for a Red Colour Study, which is a round robin that is happening in the group for CQ4Newbies.
It was quite a mission trying to work out the blocks. It is rather a challenge.
Anyhow now the blocks are done the next challenge for me is how am I going to embellish these blocks .....
Gosh I'm going to have fun trying to work this one out ... Going to love it!!!!!


  1. Those look wonderful. Must get mine posted!

  2. Good job, Violet! That's what I would call a true *Red* study alrighty! Too bad I'm not doing Color Study this time, but I am doing the S2S. BC'nYa!
    S. CA, USA Hugs, ~ Ing
    (in my Polynesian dancing days... aka: Kuuipo)