Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year

I lijke to say a belated Happy New Year to everyone.
I haven't blogged for quite some time due to family circumstances that arose during the end of last year. I haven't been able to do any stitching either since then, but things are going to change.
My husband was diaognosed with lung cancer around November '09 and that really threw the both of us. It did take some time to come to terms with it and to actually accept it.
This year, things are looking promising. The surgeons have suggested that they will operate but they are frightened that the tumor is to close to the heart so DH has to go for a test where they will put a telescope through his ribs to see where the tumor is. They are also frightened that the tumor maybe spreading up his chest so they are going to put another telescope down his throat to look at his chest.
Now, hopefully things work out OK, the surgeon did say, that if it is close to his heart they will be able to do radiation and shrink the tumor then will be able to operate.
If its spread to his chest then they will do chemo.
I know that the Lord is with us at this time and we are both thinking positive.
It only threw me a bit when I found out as I had to care for my mother when she had lung cancer and it wasn't pretty.
The good thing with DH, he is young enough to go through chemo, radiation and operation where my mother was old and frail

Now with the new year upon us all, I have since pulled out my CQ and started stitching.
I forgot how calming it can be and very healing.
So hopefully I will put some of my work on my page.

Again, everyone a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2010


  1. So sorry to hear your news. Keeping my fingers crossed the 2010 will be good to you and your DH. Best wishes Lesley

  2. My prayers and thoughts for strength and peace from God are with you and your hubby!

  3. God bless you both, Violet! CQ is very healing, as you're finding out. It kept me sane when my mom had a really rough summer in 2002, and I thank God for it!