Friday, September 4, 2009

Season to Season Summer/Cathy's block

This is Cathy's block. This is what she had done on her block before I received it.
Isn't it gorgeous?

This is Cathy's block after I finished with it. I do hope she likes it.
I did a green spider web, with a black spider, then I did a vine and I added the satin stitched leaves. I did the pink flowers by doing the lazy daisy stitch and added the beads.
I put some vintage buttons on, which is my first time at doing this.
Where the spider is I did some running stitches from one bee to the other bee, and the last seam embellishment I added straight stitches with beads, and in then added the seqins and a bead in the centre.


  1. Hello Violet! The blog looks great. The crazy quilt on your banner is just lovely. Tootles!~

  2. Hey, Violet! Cathy here (the before girl). I just absolutely love what you did to my block. It fits in so nicely. Thanks for your work.

  3. Cathy is a lucky girl. Lovely work!