Monday, September 7, 2009

New Project update (cont'd) Block 2 completed

This is my 2nd block completed. There are some stitches on this block that I have never tried before, and it was fun.

Here in the gold is chain stitch and the swirls in between are back stitched.
The top orange seam embellishment is called the Knotted Cable Stitch, which is the Coral stitch, lacing and chain stitches combined.
The pink swirl is done with the Coral stitch, and on the right seam embellishment is the fern stitch with french knots.
Just on the left I tried out some silk ribbon embroidery, the orange flower is the lazy daisy stitch, the yellow and the mauve roses are the Sweetheart Roses and the red roses is the twisted twirled rose. The leaves are the Japanese Ribbon stitch and I did the outline stitch for the stalks of the leaves.

The yellow seam embellishment is called the Petal Stitch which is the stem stitch and the lazy daisey stitch combined.
The heart is back-stitched, not too sure what the name of thread is. Then on the outside of the heart I did some straight stitches and the same for the centre of the heart with a french knot right in the centre.


  1. Beautiful combination stitch on the left bottom of the block. I love the colors and your circles are absolutely perfect!

  2. What a lovely block! I really like what you have done in the bottom left.