Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ocean Blue RR, Kay's Block

This is Kay's whole block completed by Joeclyn, Marcia, Linda Burton and myself.

This is what I had done. This was my first try at tatting. I started off with something easy which are the butterflys. I added the the straight stitches for the vines then lastly added the button beads to the vines. The seam embellishment just on the right, I did lazy daisy stitches with French knots and lastly added the light blue flower beads.
My seam embellishment is the zig zag chain with sequins and a bead added in the centre of the sequin.

This is the work of Jocelyn, she does beautiful embroidery, this is her trade mark, love the unicorn. She also did the Open cretan seam embellishment.

Marcia put a lovely blue bead and it is soooo gorgeous. It looks so elegant and she also did the chain stitch seam embellishment with the straight stitches and beads.

Linda Burton did this beautiful long vined silk flower, love her work and she also did the seam embellishment on the right, just beautiful.


  1. Great post. Good photos and clear statements.! Lovely work you and the rest have done on this block. Gorgeous! :)