Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Project

This is my recent project that I am working on (slowly) at the moment. Sorry I didn't take a photo of it naked first. I am making myself a king size quilt. I have never made myself anything since I started quilting and crazy quilting.
OK!! What I have decided to do is just to do seam embellishments, no beads or buttons. I guess it will be a bit uncomfortable to lie on with all the beads and buttons.I'm not quite sure yet, weather I am going to do embroidery in the blank spaces but will decide when I have done a few blocks, but I like what I do see at the moment. Please leave a comment on your thoughts.
Anyhow here is the first block that I have completed. I have decided on 10"blocks. Gosh this block took me forever to do. Probably because I have a 15 month old girl that I have been caring for, for the last 9 months and I am finding it hard to do some stitching although, I try to stay up late at night after I have put her down.
As I am still a beginner, a newbie, this is a great place for me to learn all the different stitches and different variations. Will keep you updated.

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  1. Great job! Can't wait to see your progress!